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Hello, I have received my "Crematogaster scutellaris" colony. It has perfectly supported the trip. I didn't expect to receive a queen with so many workers and brood. That pleasantly surprised me. Many thanks again!



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Our Ant Farms

- Exceptional quality

- Ease of use

- Respect of the ants' needs

Here are the strengths of our Ant Farms by which keeping ants is very simple.

With a very modern and unique visual style, the quality of our Ant Farms is blameless. Indeed, we manufacture them in the European Union with a numerical laser cutting machine.

Once cut, the plexiglas is sharp, smooth and transparent as crystal.

The assembly presision or the stiking discretion let no doubts about the quality.

Years of reserch have been necessary to reach an efficient and durable association between knowledge of ants and manufacturing methods to be finely adjusted to the needs of this insect while providing a large range of functions and innovations to make the ant keeping simple, brought to all and more captivating than ever.

All our other products are manufactured or selected with the same standard of quality.
Concerning our ant colonies, we have selected the best species of the 200 that live in France and we keep them in the best possible conditions to guarantee their health.

All our boutique, our services, support and guarantees and based on quality and on your satisfaction.