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Hello, I have received my "Crematogaster scutellaris" colony. It has perfectly supported the trip. I didn't expect to receive a queen with so many workers and brood. That pleasantly surprised me. Many thanks again!



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Fourmiculture® Majora Model 2

An ultimate ant habitat that is highly equipped : integrated thermometer, double foraging arena, 6 liaison holes and more.

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The Majora Ant Habitat is designed to offer optimum conditions to a large colony of almost any species of ant. Majora also gives you the possibility to achieve the keeping of a small colony almost until its adult size without having to change the habitat over the years.

With its neat design and large transparent surface, Majora is an ideal choice when highlighted the ants is pursued at home or for public presentation (schools, zoos, museums and other exhibitions).


A Fourmiculture conception and quality.

Our goal is to alloy the well-being of the ants and the pleasure of their keeper because one cannot go without the other. That is why we pushed our researches to the best of what materials and technonogies can offer.

Every Majora represents a long work of machining and workmanship, and concentrates all our expertise in order to ensure the bacteriological equilibrium and durability of the nest for the respect of the ants' natural needs.


We have equipped it with a thermometer and a dedicated place for the probe, mineral coating on the rooms, 2 water reservoirs for an effective management of the humidity (autonomy : up to 3 weeks and more), two built-in foraging arenas (optional hard-wearing escape-proof coating), 6 liaison holes, not to mention all the details that ensure its reliability. Thereby, we are proud of every Majora when it leaves our workshop.


The slender proportions of the ant habitat facilitate observations and its easy placement on a desk, even with an optional Observation Space. Majora is lightweight for its size, durable and of robust conception.


Constraint-free developpment for a megacity to come.

Visually, Majora offers an extraordinary spectacle and allows to follow the never-ending activity of an ant colony with its queen. A bigger colony offers more activity and more diverse behaviors to observe. Species like Messor and Camponotus will be able to produce majors and most colonies will have the chance to produce new queens once the population is sufficient.


Ants sold separately.


All the activity of the ants - usually invisible inside subterranean rooms - reveals through the perfectly-transparent glass and their secret organization freely unfolds : storage of food, laying of eggs, care to brood... The height of about 1cm fits large species (up to 16mm long) as well as the smallest.

The numerous rooms of Majora are cut in food-grade Plexiglas using digital cutting with a layout that is inspired by natural ant nests. Their generous dimensions allow a large colony to thrive. It is also possible to install a small one so it grows for long without having to move it to a larger nest over time.

A mineral layer is cast on the surface of the rooms for an effective management of humidity. It also brings a natural environment to the ants and a proper bacteriological equilibrium. The habitat remains sound on the long run and ants grow in an optimal way. The material is based on natural stone and is extremely smooth, absorbent and resistant.


A double humidification system for optimal conditions.

Essential characteristic of a well designed habitat, Majora receives 2 foam humidifiers in which to inject water. Humidity will be transfered to the mineral layer inside the rooms so 7 of them will become humid. Thereby, ants can choose the humidity they need and where to live which allows Majora to adapt to almost any species. For very special needs like Myrmica rubra, we make a special adaptation on request.


You will have the possibility to modulate the humidity level using either one or two humidifiers to cover low needs of Messor or higher needs of Lasius for instance.


The humidity level is easy to watch thanks to the darker tint of the humid rooms. This absorbent mineral layer also gives Majora a long range : it reaches 3 weeks.


Two foraging arenas and a trusted technology.

In order to feed your ants and observe their behavior outside the rooms, Majora is equipped with two built-in triangular foraging arenas. They are made in one pice of aluminium and covered with a laser-cut and ventilated lid. A unique décor is hand made for every arena using durable materials of natural inspiration.


A ramp allows the ants to circulate from the rooms to the foraging arenas where they can collect their food and evacuate the wastes. It is possible to switch between both arenas to compare the attaction of two types of food, clean one while the other is in use, etc.

The high walls of Majora's foraring arenas prevents ants from climbing, even without the lid, thanks to two technologies that we offer :


1/ Standard  : a layer of talcum powder is applied before shipping. It can last for several weeks or months depending on the size of the colony and be renewed with a brush.

2/ Optional : Glass strips that are hand-cut with an extreme precision, polished and glued on the walls. At last, they receive a hard-wearing non-stick coating to discourage ants from climbing. However, it is sensitive to dust and humidity.

Willing to offer a third solution to extend the environment of the ants and facilitate their keeping, we offer external foraging arenas that we called Observation Spaces. They connect to the nest with a pipe and offer new observations possibilities. Our non-stick coating is applied under the frame that covers the Space, protected from dust and humidity, for an absolute effectiveness that can last a whole life.


6 liaison holes for extensive possibilities. 

Majora can be connected to another nest if the first one is fully colonized, even though ants adapt their population to the available space. There will always be a free hole to connect an Observation Space or insert the probe of several thermometers thanks to its 9mm liaison holes. 

2 are placed at the front, 2 on the sides, and 2 at the back. 6 rubber plugs are offered.


Durable et advantageous.

Majora is simply bolted and can be taken apart. The foraging arena is easy to access to for cleansing. We offer spare parts (lid, glass) and a refurbishment service for a sixth if its price if you want to restore all of its shine after a few years. 

Wishing to ensure that the Medium surpasses your expectations, it receives a meticulous attention before leaving our workshop located in the French Alps.


Satisfied or refunded :

After 30 days of test in actual condition, if you weren't fully satisfied, send this product back to us for a refund! (see conditions) !



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Dimensions of the Majora Ant Habitat :

  • 25x60cm, which is a surface of 1500cm², enough to host thousand workers

  • Height of the rooms : Up to 1cm, adapted to all species measuring 16mm long maximum.


Manufacturing method :

  • Robotic cutting and manual assembling

  • Designed by Fourmiculture and made in France.


Materials :

  • Upper sheet in laser-cut transparent Plexiglas®, clearer than glass, 30 years-guaranteed against yellowing,

  • Galleries in 6H07DC SatinIce Plexiglas®,

  •   Reconstituated stone,
  •   Aluminum composite.