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Hello, I have received my "Crematogaster scutellaris" colony. It has perfectly supported the trip. I didn't expect to receive a queen with so many workers and brood. That pleasantly surprised me. Many thanks again!



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Messor capitatus (Queen from 2018)

The largest Messor with a huge queen and many impressive "soldiers"! All shiny black without any red.

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Hibernation until January 15th at 8 to 17°C.


Keeping conditions and information :

- Day temperature : from 23 to 27°C. The ideal is to propose them a hotspot at 27°C and a cooler part in the habitat.

- Night temperature : from 20 to 24°C

- Hibernation : 45 days at 10-18°C is recommended. A higher temperature is also possible during that period.

- Humidity : Can adapt to all our Ant Farm models. A dry part is necessary for the seeds and a humid part of the ants.

- Drinking-Trough : Recommended

- Light : Pretty tolerant, doesn't fear light but musn't be exposed to sun.

- Possible growth rate : From 30 to 1000 workers in a year in the best conditions.

- Workers size : From 3 to 14mm

- Queen size : about 13mm

- Dangerousness : None, no venom, isn't aggressive or invasive but shouldn't be released in the nature!

- Type of nest : All the Ant Farms available in our shop (Antworks excluded).


Thanks to our Messor capitatus ant colonies, having an ant keeping has never been easier. This fascinating species only requires a few minutes of care per week but will offer you hours of wonder everytime your eyes are catched by a new behavior.

200 species live in France but we only chose Messor for you. This is the only species we recommend, it is the easiest to keep but beginners and most of people who have kept ants for a long time like this species very much.

All our ant farms perfectly respect the natural needs of ants.