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Hello, I have received my "Crematogaster scutellaris" colony. It has perfectly supported the trip. I didn't expect to receive a queen with so many workers and brood. That pleasantly surprised me. Many thanks again!



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Iridomyrmex purpureus (Australia - Queen + workers)

Beautiful Australien species, easy and interesting to keep, aggressive, hibernation-free fast growth. Massive 14mm queen. Sold with exportation permits and veterinary certificate.

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179,00 € tax incl.

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Presentation of the species :

Iridomyrmex purpureus was selected by Fourmiculture for its qualities. First of all, its size is quite remarquable. The queen is black and measures about 14mm, generally larger that Messor, with a moropholy that reminds of Camponotus cruentatus. Workers measure from 6 to 7mm showing black color at the back of the body and metallic bluish reflexions, with red head and some red on the thorax.


Iridomyrmex's behavior is vivid and its strong growth makes it a very pleasant ant to keep. Colonies are monogynous but reach up to tenths of thousand workers, sometimes hundreds of thousands, and can cooperate in supercolonies (up to a dozen) to ensure their superiority. Fortunately, the queen regulates the population according to the available space and keeping them in a small nest isn't a problem.


The territorial behavior of Iridomyrmex purpurus is quite fascinating and one can observe in Australia some ritualized fights between workers of different colonies to mark the frontiers of their empire. Fights are almost never fatal and can last for months to assert their domination.


Iridomyrmex purpureus is a redoubtable hunter and accepts all kinds of meaty or sweet food, and raises aphids. Sometimes it tends to prefer fruits to liquides however. Iridomyrmex cannot sting but its bite is painful.


Iridomyrmex purpureus thrives at temperatures of 27°C. It can be kept in a nest with moderate humidity and all our ant habitats correspond to its needs. To complete it, a foraging arena with life-guaranteed escape-proof coating improves observations and makes evasions impossible.


Our price includes a worth $30 exportation permit paid to the Australian government for each queen picked during flights, and legal paperwork as well as a veterinary certificate attesting that each colony was checked and contains no pest, mites or disease. We also offer an insulated box if the weather requires it.



The engagements of Fourmiculture on law and ethics :

Fourmiculture offers this exceptional species from Australia, country that combines the most impressive species on earth and a very strict law on exportations.


Because a large amount of exotic ants are from fraudulent origin, Fourmiculture commits itself and provide this species with :

1/ exportation certificate from the Australien government

2/ health certificate from an Australian vet

These documents certify that we have a permit to collect and export queens of this species. We import them from Australia with the faster carriers, no matter the costs, to ensure perfect travel conditions. Each colony is then re-checked for mites.


Fourmiculture is also one of the few European sellers that was certified by the official French veterinary and protection of population services for selling ants. That means we had to write a complete document with our keeping conditions and knowledge about ant keeping and methods to prevent evasions and present it to a myrmecologist and a dozen members of the commission to protect animals and people. We obtained our certificate under N° N°2016195-0002.



 The engagement of Fourmiculture on this exotic species :

1/ Presence of brood upon shipping, guaranteed without mites and pests,

2/ No "boost" and added workers or brood from other colonies to sell queens faster. The queen was picked up after a mating flight.

3/ Guaranteed live delivery (if delivered within 48h) : partial refund in case of worker loss, complete refund in case of queen loss,

4/ 30€ back if you return your colony healthy and alive instead of releasing it in the wild (forbidden)


3 Month Success Warranty (optional) :

For those who want to have complete peace of mind, we offer a 3 Month Success Warranty for +30€ and would send a new colony to you at no cost expect shipping in case your colony would die within 3 months after delivery.

Conditions : Limited to available stocks. The death of the colony must be proven within 91 days after delivery with a clear picture.



The engagement of Fourmiculture on shipping :

Our experience helps us avoid almost 100% of loss during shipping and we use adapted packaging which were tested for 10 years. Loosing the queen during shipping would naturally lead to a 100% refund if you made sure to choose a 48h delivery.


We ship freely within the European Union. Please,contact us for other countries.


Free service :


Four-season shipping from -12°C to +40°C thanks to our free isothermal box and cold/heat packs (added for free if necessary).



More infos on Iridomyrmex purpureus :

- Size of the queen : 14mm

- Size of the workers : 6-7mm

- Recommended temperature : 27°C at daytime, 20-24°C at night time

-Hibernation :  Non, heat all year round or just reduce temperature to room temperature for 2 months to make sure the queen can rest a bit and preserve its lifespan and further growth.

- Feeding : Small insects, sweet liquides, jellies, meat, etc.

-Humidity needs : Fairly low, most of the nest can be dry but keep a small part of the nest humid at all time.

- Monogynous (max. 1 queen per nest)

- Max population : 65 000 workers, sometimes hundred thousand.

-Color  : Black abdomen with blue metallic reflexions, read head and thorax.

- Estimated max. queen lifespan : 7 to 15 years.



Photo 1 : license GFDL.