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Hello, I have received my "Crematogaster scutellaris" colony. It has perfectly supported the trip. I didn't expect to receive a queen with so many workers and brood. That pleasantly surprised me. Many thanks again!



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Myrmecia pilosula (Australia - queen + see options)

One of the most impressive ant genus in the world! Provided with exportation permits and veterinary certificate.

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Colony with queen and workers of that incredible Australian bull-ant!


Caution : painful sting that may cause allergic reactions in some cases (similar to wasps), even death on allergic people. Only sold to people above 18 years-old.


The engagements of Fourmiculture on law and ethics :

Fourmiculture offers this exceptional species from Australia, country that combines the most impressive species on earth and a very strict law on exportations.


Because a large amount of exotic ants are from fraudulent origin, Fourmiculture commits itself and provide this species with :

1/ exportation certificate from the Australien government

2/ health certificate from an Australian vet

These documents certify that we have a permit to collect and export queens of this species. We import them from Australia with the faster carriers, no matter the costs, to ensure perfect travel conditions. Each colony is then re-checked for mites.


Fourmiculture is also one of the few European sellers that was certified by the official French veterinary and protection of population services for selling ants. That means we had to write a complete document with our keeping conditions and knowledge about ant keeping and methods to prevent evasions and present it to a myrmecologist and a dozen members of the commission to protect animals and people. We obtained our certificate under N° N°2016195-0002.


Our price includes an exportation permit paid to the Australian government for each queen picked during flights, and legal parperwork as well as a veterinary certificate attesting that each colony was checked and contains no pest, mites or disease. We also offer an insulated box if the weather requires it.


Get up to 250€ back if you return your colony healthy and alive instead of releasing it in the wild (forbidden)!



 The engagement of Fourmiculture on this exotic species :

1/ Presence of brood upon shipping, guaranteed without mites and pests,

2/ No "boost" and added workers or brood from other colonies to sell queens faster. The queen was picked up after a mating flight.

3/ Guaranteed live delivery (if delivered within 48h) : partial refund in case of worker loss, complete refund in case of queen loss,



3 weeks Success Warranty (free) :

Get another colony for free if your Myrmecia colony dies within 14 days after delivery due to bad delivery conditions! Just write us within 15 days with a clear picture of the dead colony.





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