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Hello, I have received my "Crematogaster scutellaris" colony. It has perfectly supported the trip. I didn't expect to receive a queen with so many workers and brood. That pleasantly surprised me. Many thanks again!



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Exploration Arena 35x15cm + Smooth Décor

The world's only foraging arena with life-guaranteed anti-escape coating and swapable décors. Made in France.

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A new dimension.

More than a foraging arena, an Observation Space allows to enjoy the behavior of the ants outside the nest, thus offering a new dimension to their keeping.

Open to the outside, this Observation Space connects to your Ant Habitat with its two 9mm holes (others on demand) and recreates the natural environement encountered by ants on the surface. It allows them to collect their food and evacuate their wastes more easily, with all the safety brought by our innovations.


This concept allows to :

- Avoid evasions at 100% thanks to our revolutionary technology.

- Foster the growth of species that are very active outside.

- Preserve ants from other anti-escaping treatments that can be improperly applied.

-  Observe the hunting or food collecting behavior of the ants.

- Study the use of pheromones tracks toward the food.

- Make feeding and cleasing of the colony much easier.

- Keep a colony in a test tube placed inside the Observation Space.

- See the ants circulating through a long pipe if installed on a shelf or another room.


Its crystal-clear Plexiglas walls allow beautiful observations whereas a laser engraving certifies our work. Regarding the non-stick lid, it guarantees a direct vision onto the ants, without ever letting them escape.


Presentation suggestion : Observation Space + optional artist décor connected to a Minora habitat (sold separately :

1 Pipe and 2 plugs offered with every Space.

Permanent non-stick treatment. Zero evasion.

In order to guarantee that no ant will ever escape from the Space despite its openess to the outside, a permanent non-stick treatment is applied under the frame covering the Space. It is probably the most slippery coating ever created in the industry. Protected from humidity and dust under the frame, it is designed to last a whole life. And for a full access to the tank, the lid is entirely removable.

Technology tested by laboratories of ant study.

Zero evasion guaranteed. On all species.

This hard-wearing coating will never have to be applied again and its effectiveness reaches 100% on all species. Even the smallest slip instantly. They are also protected from other common techniques that can be risky if improperly applied : talcum powder, oil, chemical products etc.

So we naturally offer a life-guarantee on this coating and a re-application if any problem occurs, even due to a wrong  use from the customer. Only shipping is at customer's cost.

Laboratories that study ants have been using this super-slippery coating for decades in France and Switzerland as they cannot afford to let any specimen escape. But this total trust can only be obtained at the cost of special materials that must be designed for this purpose. This is the reason why these Observation Spaces were created by Fourmiculture to receive this technology.

A swapable smooth décor to explore.

For every Observation Space, a smooth plaster floor is included.

Freely swapable, our plaster floors can be removed, cleaned and replaced in seconds to vary the environement of the ants or retrieve the beauty of the new.


For your ants to go exploring more intensely, it is possible to heat the décor with a heat map or lamp (monitor the temperature closey with a thermometer).

The Observation Space is ideal for cleansing : the tank can be washed or cleaned with alcohol, the décor is easy to take off and brush or replace and the lid is finger-print-proof (do not touch the coated part).



Limitless possibilites.

Imagine your Observation Spaces filled with life and active workers to explore them. They need an original setup.

Observation Spaces can be superimposed (thanks to custom-made decors that don't contain elements of excessive height), connected together in the direction you wish using the standard holes or the custom-made, and laid out the way you like for a unique set up offering limitless observations.

Now, it's up to you be creative!


A meticulous production.

As aways when we started designing this product, we thought everything would be simple. The truth is we had to start everything again from the ground up several times to overcome the assembling constraints and eliminate weak points without any compromise on the aesthetics. After 13 months of work, design and test, the arrival of this new generation of foraging arena is our best way to present our expertise with a product of a remarquable finish.


This finish is obtained thanks to the robotic manufacturing of the Plexiglas tank. Then comes the hand of man : the lid is painted, special strips are cut, glued under the lid to prepare the treatment, and at last, the non-stick coating is applied. Final assembling is carried out with a tolerance of 0.2mm.

Our lid is made of white satin Plexiglas, identical to our ant habitats in order to fit them perfectly and complete your setup. Furthermore, our lid is simply built-in the top of the tank to be removable anytime.


Satisfied or refunded :

After 30 days of test in actual condition, if you weren't fully satisfied, send this product back to us for a refund! (see conditions) !


Any question about the observation space?

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Manufacturing and materials :

- Imagined and manufactured by Fourmiculture in the French Alps.

- Tank in strong 4mm Plexiglas, 30-year guaranteed against yellowing.

- Escape-proof lid made of white satin Plexiglas and non-stick composite.

- Connexion holes : 2 holes of 9mm, others on demand.

- Dimensions : 15x15x5cm


Maintenance :

- Clean with a wet microfiber cloth and dry ligtly with a dry microfiber cloth, or a handkerchief. Cleaning alcohol can be used.

- Do not touch or clean the back of the lid with the escape-proof coating. Coating can be replaced in case of damage with the appropriate product.


Attention :

Do not expose the Observation Space to humidity or heat, especially in a uneven way. Plexiglas may bend slightly and assembling can loose its precision against small species. For a heat and humidity proof version, please, contact us.