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Hello, I have received my "Crematogaster scutellaris" colony. It has perfectly supported the trip. I didn't expect to receive a queen with so many workers and brood. That pleasantly surprised me. Many thanks again!



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Camponotus consobrinus (Australia - Queen 0 workers)

LARGE species from Australia (export permit included) with a beautiful color. Hibernation can be short, or inexistent.

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169,00 € tax incl.

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Iridomyrmex purpureus (Australia - Queen + 5 to 10 workers)

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Presentation of the species :

Camponotus consobrinus was selected for its impressive size and fairly easy keeping, far easier than European Camponotus. Hibernation isn't necessary, just a short period or rest during the fall at 15 to 20°C can maximize the lifespan of the queen. Growth is quite fast and its color is superb. 


Large foraging arena is recommended as they love exploring and foraging for food.


Easy to feed, it enjoys sweet food, honeydew and insects that it hunts with formic acid.


Great polymorphism can be observed with small minor workers of 5mm and large major workers of up to 15mm in older colonies, with a powerful head and mandibles to defend the colony. The queen sometimes reaches 20mm which is phenomenal and larger than any European species.


Camponotus consobrinus easily thrives at a temperature of 27°C. It can be kept in a nest with low to medium humidity. Our nests are perfect for this species, but higher rooms can be useful and added on demand. The queen might be too large to fit in the 9mm pipes and connexion system, she might be installed through the foraging arena or directly inside the rooms.


Camponotus consobrinus is an endemic species from Australia.


The engagements of Fourmiculture on law and ethics :

Fourmiculture offers this exceptional species from Australia, country that combines the most impressive species on earth and a very strict law on exportations.


Because a large amount of exotic ants are from fraudulent origin, Fourmiculture commits itself and provide this species with :

1/ exportation certificate from the Australien government

2/ health certificate from an Australian vet

These documents certify that we have a permit to collect and export queens of this species in very limited amounts. We import them from Australia with the faster carriers at any cost to ensure perfect travel conditions. Each colony is then re-checked for mites.


Fourmiculture is also one of the few European sellers that was certified by the official French veterinary and protection of population services for selling ants. That means we had to write a complete document with our keeping conditions and knowledge about ant keeping and methods to prevent evasions and present it to a myrmecologist and a dozen members of the commission to protect animals and people. We obtained our certificate under N° N°2016195-0002.



 The engagement of Fourmiculture on this exotic species :

1/ Presence of brood upon shipping, guaranteed without mites and pests,

2/ No "boost" and added workers or brood from other colonies to sell queens faster. The queen was picked up after a mating flight.

3/ Guaranteed live delivery (if delivered within 48h) : partial refund in case of worker loss, complete refund in case of queen loss,

4/ 50€ back if you return your colony healthy and alive instead of releasing it in the wild (forbidden)


3 Month Success Warranty (optional) :

For those who want to have complete peace of mind, we offer a 3 Month Success Warranty for +30€ and would send a new colony to you at no cost expect shipping in case your colony would die within 3 months after delivery.

Conditions : Limited to available stocks. The death of the colony must be proven within 91 days after delivery with a clear picture.



The engagement of Fourmiculture on shipping :

Our experience ensures excellent shipping conditions. We use tested packaging and loosing the queen during shipping would naturally lead to a 100% refund if you made sure to choose a 48h delivery.


We ship freely within the European Union. Please,contact us for other countries.


Free service :

Four-season shipping from -12°C to +40°C thanks to our free isothermal box and cold/heat packs (added for free if necessary).



- Size of the queen : 16 to 20mm

- Size of the workers : 5 to 15mm

- Temperature : 27°C at daytime, 20 to 24°C at night time

- Hibernation : None, or slight lowering of temperatures for 2 months in the fall at 15 to 20 degrees to maximize the lifespan of the queen.

- Food  : Sweet food, liquids, honey, jellies... And protein food : fresh insects, crickets, mealworms, meat, etc.

-Humidity : Low to medium..

- Generally monogynous, sometimes polygynous in the wild.

- Maximal population : estimated to several thousand workers.

- Color : Black body with nice orange teint on most of the body, depends on the workers and colonies.

- Maximum lifespan of the queen : 7 to 15 years. Maybe more.