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Hello, I have received my "Crematogaster scutellaris" colony. It has perfectly supported the trip. I didn't expect to receive a queen with so many workers and brood. That pleasantly surprised me. Many thanks again!



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"Echanted by the Medium and Majora ant habitats"

Hello, I have received my "Crematogaster scutellaris" colony. It has perfectly supported the trip. I didn't expect to receive a queen with so many workers and brood. That pleasantly surprised me. Many thanks again!


At last, I am enchanted by the Majora and Medium Model 1 & 2. These models are aesthetical, practical, and the finishing is very neat. I can only recommend purchasing these models.

With Fourmiculture, a serious company, purchasing some equipment from abroad isn't a problem. Everything is well packed and the delivery is quick.


Kind regards,

Bernard G. Switzerland.

"Professionalism and fast answers"

I ordered a Messor barbarus colony for my class. We received the ants quickly and we installed them. The pupils are are fascinated (and me too). My colleagues come every day to see if there are some changes in the nest!!
I thank the people who sold me the Ant Farm and the colony for their professionalism and for their quick replies to all my questions, that helped me to install this ant keeping in good conditions.



"Magnificent Ant Farms"

I've been waiting for the opening of the new shop for a while and I have just visited it.

First, congratulations for the acomplished work, it is really superb and looks serious, with love of well done work and of ants, which is far from being insignificant.

No doubt, what contains look very pro and give the desire to look closer at what is contained.

The products are in harmony with the image of the new site, very pro and serious.

The Ant farms, even if they're magnificant, seem just a bit expensive, but according to the work you done, I can't say that I won't avoid behing tentated by a purchase soon.



This won't be my last order

Order received very fast, package perfectly done, nothing moves in the box so break risk = 0, I am very satisfied, this won't be my last order.


Steve G

Fast dealing

Like Steve, I want to confirm the fast dealing with my order and the secure and blameless packaging!

Satisfied at 100% of the service!!!

Hello, I bought my Messor a few months ago, they got across the whole France in a few days but yet, no ant died.

Today, they develop perfecly in one of my two Ant Farms from Moreover, the package was perfectly protected with care for no break risk at the arrival.

I am satisfied at 100% of the service!!! Bravo, thank you again and good continuation in your good work.


Stéphane R

Speed / efficient

In a few words : speed / efficiency and competent staff, bravo!! I keep this site in my bookmarks and I think about ordering several times in the future.


Damien L.


"Superb Ant Farm, nice quality"

Very fast and meticulous shipping. No break risk. My queen is in perfect state! It is gorgeous! Thank you.

charlotte J.

Testimony about : Messor barbarus queen.


"Superb Ant Farm! Nice quality. Thank you very much, I am impatient to set my colony."

charlotte J.

Testimony about : Angular Ant Farm.


"Hello everyone. I received my M. barbarus queen with 2 test tubes. I am impressed by the speed of the parcels, I love this site, it is fast, serious and everything has very good quality. I recommend to all the ant keepers (beginners or not) to visit it. See you very soon and good luck!"

grégoire Z.

Testimony about : Messor barbarus queen, test tubes

Quality product

I purchased an Ants@Home Concept 8 pack. I am amply satisfied by the service (secure packaging, quality product) except the dilevery delay (but the shop has nothing to do with the delayed post ^^). This website is perfect for the lovers or these little creatures that ants are. I'm looking forward to seeing my queen lay eggs and give me a huge colony ^^

Good job.

Valentin M.

Note by Fourmis Boutique : According to our commitment and those of the French Post, we were able to refund the shipping costs due to a 24h delay (only possible for France).

"The happiness to see the first workers birth"

I chose to get a lonely queen. The wait is certainly longer but the happiness to see the first workers birth pleased me a lot. Now, I had 2 births and many more in prospect. I will follow step by step the creation of my colony and its progressive installation in the Ant Farm.

charlotte J.


"Very good service"

Really good service! Congratulations for your shop. I received my Messor barbarus queen in November 2010 and it it is very healthy, it even laid an egg grape since then!

I am impatient to see the birth of the first workers.

Yanie C.


Satisfaction Survey

Quality of the products : Ant artists + adapted colony : no problem

Efficiency of the technical support (if contacted) Not contacted

Was the delivery delay reasonable and the packaging sufficient? No problem, ants and vivarium in good state.

Are you satisfied by the payment and delivery methods we propose? Yes

Would you recommend our site to your friends and do you consider re-ordering? Yes, new orders (for a school).

Marc V.

"Surpris par les finitions"

Product ordered : GiAnt 30x50 Plexiglas

As my colonies are getting bigger every year, I needed a new large nest. I soon was secuded by these original ant farms with a crystalline style. During the unpacking, I didn't really know what to expect as I am not used of Plexiglas ant farms. Initially, I was surprised by the finishing, cuts are perfect, without snag, the arena is doubled with glass to improve the efficiency of the anti-breaking treatment, its ground is decored with little foam, twig, rocks of the most beautiful effect.

The few doubts I had on the moistening system soon dissipated when my Messor took possession, sign that the environement fitted them perfectly. 

My only regrets, except a slightly high price, come from the lack of space in the arena and/or of modules to enlarge it.

Antoine M.

Satisfaction Survey with Anne J.

I just wanted to tell you that the ants arrived this morning, all alive and healthy. I put them into the fridge for 30 minutes and they are now all in the gel farm. Thank you again for your excellent customer service!! Also, the instructions you sent with the ants were very informative, clear and easy to understand. 
Many thanks again
Anne J.

"A seller who answer my questions"

Messor minor well received, the queen is bigger than I tought, delivered very quickly (2 days), good seller who answer my questions very quickly, thank you again.

Anthony A.

"Blameless quality, corteous team"

I received the 20x20 Ant Farm a few days after my order, perfectly protected in its packaging.
Its manufacturing quality is blameless, the different elements are perfectly cut/adjusted and a slippery products is applied (on the arena).
The aesthetic and the used materials are very modern, visibility is perfect (the rooms are numerous and spacious) and warming the Ant Farm is easy.
How to conclude otherwise than by recommending the products of this shop and its very professional and courteous team ?


Patrice DG

"Serious company"


I bought jellies, freeze-dried flies and mosquito larvae and I'm very happy with them.

The customer service is, to me, irreproachable as well as guarantees. As soon as you need advice, there won't be any problem and answers are prompt and very clear.

Shipping delays, order treatment and packaging are irreproachable every time.

I would say that this is a serious company in which we feel that Yvain Samuel likes what he does.

I wish you to keep satisfying us in the future."

Gabriel B.


I'm entirely satisfied, an irreprochable product quality. I live in Irak and my order took only 2.5-3 days to arrive and everything was in perfect condition.

Despite prices slighty high "just" for ants ants nests, one can immediately understand the reason for that price, there is an hour of work at least behind that, very well cared.

Irreprochable customer service... Big thumb up!

Just nothing else to say.


Saadi R. Irak.