Frequently asked questions :

How to feed my ants? 

You just need to give your ants a spoonful of seeds every time their food reserve gets low. This reserve can last for weeks or months and a food bag is enough for up to one year.

You can also observe their reaction to different types of solid food.

Can my ants escape?

No, it's impossible. The walls of the feeding box are slippery and it will discourage most ants from trying to climb them. Moreover, a lid represents an added and total security to guarantee that ants will never escape.

How to keep the ant farm's water reserve full?
Our ant habitat is equipped with a water reserve that you must keep full using the syringe provided. 2 syringes every time the foam dries will ensure good living conditions for your ants.

What if my colony completely fills the nest?

You will have the choice between two solutions :

  • Leaving your colony in its habitat, the population will stabilize,

  • Or connecting the habitat to another one, whatever the model, thanks to a pipe and the liaison holes. So the developement of your colony will continue !

How to heat my colony ?

It is recommended to heat your colony at about 28°C during the day and less at night to ensure good growth. That's why we propose heat mats, easy to use and energy-efficient.

It is essential to control the temperature using a thermometre or, if possible, a thermostat, in order to make the system 100% autonomous and reliable.

Winter rest for Messor barbarus : If possible, 45 days at less than 18°C

Winter rest for Messor minor : This species can stay active and heated all the year!