Fourmiculture® Minora 2.6 Eco [Model 2]

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This limited edition has a more simple finish and on some nests, the connexion system is harder to use. It uses old parts combined with our latest humidification system (absorbent mineral flooring).

Fourmiculture introduces its new creation : Minora [2nd Generation].

Loyal to our philosophy, we have created a durable Ant Habitat in which every detail was thought out to offer excellent living conditions to ants and allow the observation of their behavior. Minora was drawn in 2010 and refined for 5 years before introducing this new generation in 2015. 


The name of the Habitat comes from small workers called "minor" as it is intended to succeed in the installation and development of a young ant colony of any species. Also effective over several years thanks to its advanced design, it can follow the evolution of the colony and enlarge over the needs thanks to its brand new liaison system.


Natural rooms for the ants to feel home.

Inspired by natural ant nests to optimize their use, the rooms are cut in food-grade Plexiglas. They are sufficient to let a small colony grow for about a year.  All the activity of the ants - usually invisible inside subterranean rooms - reveals through the perfectly-transparent glass and their secret organization freely unfolds : storage of food, laying of eggs, care to brood... The height of about 1cm fits large species (up to 16mm long) as well as the smallest.

A mineral layer is cast on the surface of the rooms for an effective management of humidity. It also brings a natural environment to the ants and a proper bacteriological equilibrium. The habitat remains sound on the long run and ants grow in an optimal way. The material is based on natural stone and is extremely smooth, absorbent and resistant.


An effective humidification system.

Essential characteristic of a well designed Plexiglas habitat, Minora receives a humidifier in which to inject water. Humidity will be transfered to the mineral layer inside the rooms. Three of them will become humid and five will remain dry. Thereby, ants can choose the humidity they need and where to live which allows Minora to adapt to almost any species. For very special needs like Myrmica rubra, we make a free adaptation on request.

Any excess of humidity is evacuated by blowholes on the top of the nest and by laser-cut micro-grids on the lid.

The humidity level is easy to watch thanks to the darker tint of the humid rooms. This absorbent mineral layer also ensures a long range to Minora : it reaches 10 days.


New Smart Liaison System. Open or closed?

The space is usually sufficient for a year of growth. What next? Minora 2nd Generation is equipped with a smart and original liaison system : two 9mm holes allows to connect another habitat to the first one when fully colonized (even though ants adapt to the available space) or add a remote foraging arena such as one of our Observation Spaces.

This reliable and practical factory-made liaison system works with partitions which have 2 positions (Open or Closed) replacing the usual rubber plugs.

This system actually gives the chance to manage the circulation of ants without unplugging the connected accessory (foraging arena, tube...) : simply turn the partition upside down to allow or forbid the way!


Presentation suggestion : Minora connected to a 25x15cm Observation Space (sold separately)


Built-in Foraging arena.

You will have the possibility to place food for your colony inside the foraging arena which is closed with a laser-cut lid. Its effective ventilation evacuates moisture and renews the air so the ants feel free, just like outside their anthill. A small décor is hand made for every Minora using natural elements. A laser engraving authenticates our work.


To go further, an extra Observation Space can be connected to Minora such as presented above. It offers a spacious environment to the exploring workers searching for food without letting them escape in spite of its openness to the outside : a non-stick frame makes any escape definitely impossible.



2015 Generation

All our models have been refined over time but the many improvements brought in 2015 to Minora allow us to present it as a brand-new generation. After its first release in 2010, we have rethought  every aspect of the Habitat with 5 years of experience :


- Reinforced assembling to hold micro-species,

- Expanded humidification system (3 humid rooms and 5 dry),

- New reliable liaison system with "Open" and "Closed" position

- Wider tunnels for 16mm Camponotus queens. Still fits small species.

- Improved ventilation on the foraging arena, extra blowholes on the nest,



The know-how of an expert.

Minora concentrates years of experience that Fourmiculture aquired in the design of high-quality ant habitats. Its manufacturing allies human talent to the presision of robotic cutting for an exceptionnal finish, assisted by profesionnals of acrilyc machinning and designers. The materials are chosen for their technical qualities and combine an eye-pleasing result to durability.


Wishing to make sure that Minora surpasses your expectations, it receives a meticulous attention before leaving or workshop located in the French Alps to accompany the life of your ants.


Durable, reparable and advantageous.

Minora is simply bolted and can be taken apart. Its foraging arena is easy to access to for cleaning. We offer spare parts and a refurbishment service if you want to restore all of its shine after a few years.


Replacable parts :


Satisfied or refunded :

After 30 days of test in actual condition, if you weren't fully satisfied, send this product back to us for a refund! (see conditions) !



Dimensions of the Minora Ant Habitat :

  • 16cm diameter (200cm²) - enough for about 1000 Lasius workers,

  • Height of the rooms : Up to 1cm, adapted to all species measuring less than 17mm long.

  •   Two 9mm liaison holes.


Manufacturing method :

  • Robotic cutting and hand-finishing.

  • Designed by Fourmiculture and made in France.


Materials :

  • Upper sheet in laser-cut transparent Plexiglas®, clearer than glass, 30 years-guaranteed against yellowing,

  • Galleries in 6H07DC SatinIce Plexiglas®,

  • Bottom in white Plexiglas®.